CHIMERA system provides a technological improvement in the CBRN domain complying with European legislation, including the relevant EU Directives, and boosting the capabilities of end-users (i.e. first responders, dispatch centers, and crisis management centers) with novel detection, identification, and monitoring functionalities. The added value of the system is its proposed high TRL level making it possible to facilitate the system’s route to market.

Heterogeneous sensor nodes

Our sensor nodes are capable of integrating various CBRN detection technologies: chemical, biological and radiological.

Situational Awareness

CHIMERA system provides functionalities based on dispersion modelling. Innovative algorithms enable threat source estimation and hazard prediction.

Data Fusion

CHIMERA applies data fusion algorithms that combine output of various sensors in order to classify a threat, identify the substance and estimate its concentration.


Demonstration of the system will be held in a professional firefighters training facility.


Our system is adjusted both for area monitoring and first response operation. The example scenarios assume an industrial incident and a terrorist attack.