About the project

CHIMERA (Comprehensive Hazard Identification, and Monitoring systEm for uRban Areas) is a research and innovation project with a time duration of 36 months. The CHIMERA consortium consolidates 12 organizations and puts effort in increasing the real capabilities of European CBRN practitioners. The key aspect of the CHIMERA project is the response to actual needs of European practitioners and its high TRL value, allowing for the system’s route to market. The final system will be equipped with a heterogeneous CBRN data collection layer, improved data processing (including data fusion of heterogeneous sensor signals), and strengthened situational awareness for first responders.

Key objectives:

  • To improve technological capabilities and situational awareness of the end-users operating under CBRN conditions; 
  • To minimize end-users time to react to CBRN threats in an urban environment;
  • To improve European cities’ resilience to CBRN hazards.  

CHIMERA solution

CHIMERA solution will consist of 6 products at TRL8:

  • Heterogeneous sensor node
  • Detection instrument adapters
  • Heterogeneous radiological hazard detection instrument
  • Dispersion engine
  • Command and Control Application
  • CBRN database and false alarm-reducing algorithms

Innovation and beyond-state-of-the-art

  • Implementation of a real-time threat detection for all CBRN areas 
  • Assemblance of a modern, multipurpose CBRN system 
  • Usage of heterogeneous CBRN data collection
  • Improvement in real-time data processing (incl: data fusion of heterogeneous sensor signals) 
  • Strengthening of situational awareness for first responders